Uncompleted work…

idk wtf im doing lol im crazy

All I have to do is look at all that I want to write, and it makes me want to not write.

It makes me want to post clever Facebook statuses instead of mentally swimming through a sea of ideological sparks of self-discovery, on my way to finding out how to specifically start a piece of nonfiction as broadly and comprehensively as possible, without neglecting anything, so that I can say everything it is that I want to say.

Given the wide variety of topics that I want to write about, and how thoroughly I desire to write each one, my brain shuts down, and I say “Not today.” Instead, I post things which require less mental effort, but which are more immediately gratifying, as I can complete a Facebook status much more easily than I can a piece of philosophical non-fiction.

The act of completing a piece of…

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