“The Cogs of the Underworld”

Stony suns engraved in rocky darkness, the cogs of the underworld turn: He paper-cuts his thumb at work. The tiny slash stings red, a small nuisance.   The cogs turn faster: though the cheesy …

Source: “The Cogs of the Underworld”


” A Writer Who Needs You”

There are two goals I have in being a writer, though the writing life itself has yet to be as persistent a thing as I would wish it to be: one, to write for myself and enjoy my own work, and two, to share my work with others and have them enjoy it as well.


Lately I’ve been trying to read other bloggers I’ve followed the past year to try and be invested in what they are doing, to create a kind of cyberspace bond between aspiring writers. I suppose my reasons are selfish; my thinking is that if I’m reading and commenting on their work, they will in turn read and comment on mine. If you expect to have friends, you have to go find them and make them, as it were.


So I’ve posted this brief notice to invite you to my blogs, located at the following sites:

dickens654.wordpress.com  “The World According to Devin Stevens” a kind of overworld blog having posts derived from the other three and a few pieces of opinion or non-fiction.

tennyson888.wordpress.com “Devin Stevens Presents Literature” a blog dedicated to literature I’ve read.

bradburyfire.wordpress.com “Let me tell you a story” A blog containing flash fictions.

annaletitabarbauld.wordpress.com “Vex Not Thou the Poet’s Mind” A poetry blog with 48 poems thus far.


There is also a 16 short story volume entitled “Patchwork of the Mind” which I published on Amazon.com last year on September 1st. I’ve sold ten copies and would love even more. Simply because I want to share my work with others and have others share their thoughts about it. To hell with the money. I write to please myself internally and to share myself with you in the hope you will somehow be enriched by what I have to say.


I need your support, fellow writers!!! And I myself will seek to be involved with my followed blogs as much as possible, in return. Mutual love, as it were. For we are one big community of people who share our hearts to one another.


Happy Blogging!

Devin A. Stevens/ uriahheep111