The Captain and the Whale

Devin Stevens Presents Literature

A symbol is an animate or inanimate object representing something other than itself. We see symbols all the time. The heart represents love, the skeleton with cross bones represents danger, diamonds represent opulence. Even colors highlight different ideas. White can stand for purity or righteousness, black can stand for evil or sinfulness, green can stand for youth or strong desires. Symbolism is a common artistic technique used to suggest other themes than those appearing on the surface. When we considered C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, we inferred that the White Witch symbolized Satan due to Lewis’s religious inclinations. There’s times where we can figure out what an object represents if we have enough information about the author. Yet symbols aren’t always easily defined. While some authors are straightforward in their writing, or at least give enough hints as to what they mean, other writers present symbols…

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